Q: How Do I Know Which Camel Tank to Order?

A: Please click here for help deciding which Camel Tank will work best with your pannier rack system.

Q: Do I need to drill into my factory gas tank?

A: No! You don’t need to drill into the gas tank. You will need to drill two 9/16” holes near the rear signal light to run the fuel and vent lines into the under seat area.

Q: What models of bikes does the Camel Tank fit?

A: 2008-current BMW F650GS (twin), F700GS and F800GS (except GSA).

Q: Can I use a Camel Tank if I don't have panniers?

A: Yes! You do not need a pannier rack system to use Camel Tank. Order CT-A or our new V2 on the products page!

Q: How does the fuel from the Camel Tank get into the factory tank?

A: The Camel Tank’s fuel supply line plugs into the main tank’s vent line. When the motor is running and consuming fuel, vacuum is created in the factory fuel tank and that vacuum pulls fuel from the Camel Tank into the main tank.

Q: How much extra range does the Camel Tank provide?

A: Over 40%!

Q: Why can I only fill the tank to 95% of it’s volume?

A: The other 5% is required for expansion of fuel.

Q: I ride a bike with lowered suspension, will the Camel Tank fit on my bike?

A: Yes! The tank was designed to work with both standard and lowered bikes.

Q: Will the Camel Tank fit with all pannier racks?

A: No, you can read a list of compatible racks by clicking here.

Q: How Do I Install My Camel Tank?

A: Please see our written instructions with photos here or watch our installation video. If you still have questions, please contact us!

Q: Are you planning releasing a tank to work with other pannier brands?

A: Yes! In fact, a limited number of V2 Tanks are NOW available for Pre-Buy. Visit the product page for more details.

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